Birthstone Jewellery

December 7, 201620K gold, other stones, pendants, ring, sapphires, uncategorized

Birthstone Jewellery When clients commission jewellery as a gift for family, a popular theme is birthstones. As you probably know, there is a specific stone (or in some cases more than one stone) associated with each month. For example, opals or tourmalines are the stones for October. This ring was recently commissioned by a new … Read More

Egyptian Scarab Necklace

October 29, 201620K gold, 24k gold, necklace, pendants, uncategorized

Egyptian Scarab Necklace This necklace was inspired by the scarab beetles in ancient Egyptian jewellery. For the ancient Egyptians, the scarab was considered to be the force which gave birth to the sun by pushing it over the horizon each day, symbolizing renewal and resurrection. Here is a photo showing one of many of the … Read More