Special Diamonds

November 12, 201720K gold, diamonds, ring, uncategorized

Special Diamonds Two of the diamond rings I made this past summer were special for the same reason. For both of them, I designed the rings to showcase unique diamonds which were supplied by my clients. This one is a wedding ring for a woman whose partner is from Eastern Europe. He gave her a … Read More

Braided Rings

April 7, 201620K gold, 24k gold, diamonds, ring, sapphires

Braided Rings This is a ring design which I created based on a 4 strand braid used by leather workers making fancy horse tack. I generally use 24k pure gold for the central, braided element and natural 20k gold from our placer mine for the rims. The 20K rims help to protect the softer 24K … Read More

Cycle of the Seasons on the River

January 12, 201520K gold, 24k gold, diamonds, necklace

Cycle of the Seasons on the River In the north, every season is dramatic and uniquely beautiful, flowing together seamlessly. This necklace was inspired by my observation of the seasons transitioning into each other on the Fortymile River. The challenge was to abstract and distill my experience watching the river over many seasons into the … Read More