Braided Rings

This is a ring design which I created based on a 4 strand braid used by leather workers making fancy horse tack. I generally use 24k pure gold for the central, braided element and natural 20k gold from our placer mine for the rims. The 20K rims help to protect the softer 24K gold from wear.

24K & 20K wedding ring 9


I have made these rings for both men and women. Some couples have used them as wedding rings. The ring in the photo below is set with a beautiful 0.4 ct diamond from the NWT –  I think would make a pretty engagement ring.  In this one the braided element is relatively narrow, more of an accent than the main feature of the ring.

diamond braided 7


I’ve made these rings both with and without stones. They can also have a different look depending on overall width, the thickness of the wire I use for the braid, how tight the braid is, and the relative thickness and shape of the rims.

tight 24k braid 3

Of course I can use various different stones in this design. Here is a photo of a ring set with 6 mm diameter sapphire of a rich, saturated blue.

_with a sapphire 5

I’m always happy to work with clients to design and fabricate jewellery specifically for them. If you would like to discuss a potential project, you can email me.

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