Turquoise and Gold together

I recently spent quite a bit of time in the truly wonderful Anthropology Museum in Mexico City. One of the many interesting and inspiring things I saw there was a number of pieces of pre-Hispanic turquoise and high purity gold jewellery.

Here is a pair of turquoise earrings I made just before my trip to Mexico City. I made them because I had purchased some lovely natural turquoise stones, and wanted to show them off.

Natural turquoise means that it is not dyed, as are some types of turquoise stones. This turquoise is from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona. This type of turquoise with deep, pure colour and no inclusions is also known as Persian turquoise. It was used in some Euro-Asian jewellery from antiquity, and originated from Persia.

Since this project was not one commissioned by a client, I designed a pair of earrings which I would like to wear myself. Because the various components are joined with small rings, they have a lot of movement. The earrings are 6 cm. long. I used narrow, square gold bars, rather than short lengths of chain, to suspend the teardrop shaped stones from the oval central stones. These bars are the result of one of the stages in hand making round wire. I’ve always liked the way these narrow square bars look.

Another, earlier project for a client also incorporated ‘Persian’ turquoise. In this case, the small turquoise cabochon was from an older piece of hers, which actually had been originally purchased in Iran. I fabricated this bangle style bracelet for her. The design is an interpretation of the Aurora Borealis, made with both 20K and 24K gold, and some natural Yukon gold nuggets.

I am always happy to discuss a jewellery project you may have in mind. Please feel free to contact me.

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