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My client first asked me to design and make an engagement ring for her based on an heirloom ring of her grandmother’s. The original ring had central rectangular ruby flanked by a pair of round diamonds. I didn’t see the original ring, but believe it was a traditional style, with prong set stones. My client wanted to duplicate the three stones, but gave me free reign to design a more contemporary setting. Working with my client, this is what I came up with:

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We chose to prong set the central ruby to show off its generous size and high quality to maximum advantage.  I made the prongs large enough to be sturdy – my client planned to wear this ring every day. The diamonds are high quality stones from the NWT. We bezel set them for a sleeker, more contemporary look.

The shank of the ring is made from 20K placer gold from our mine. My client liked the look of my forged rings, so we used that texture for the band. As you can see I put the three stones in a pointed eclipse. I nestled the stone’s element into a heart on each side. The heart shape was formed by splitting the wide band and curling in the two sides. I thought the heart motif was appropriate in an engagement ring for a sweet natured woman!

side viewAbout a year later, she asked me to make a wedding ring to mate with the engagement ring. She wanted to wear it below and snugged up to the engagement ring, so it had to be appropriately contoured. She wanted to have it set with a row of smaller diamonds. These smaller diamonds are bezel set in 24K gold to give them an extra visual pop. The diamonds give the wedding ring its own presence nd also serve to visually tie it to the ruby ring.

I was pleased with the set which, I think, combined my client’s memories of her grandmother’s heirloom ruby ring with a unique contemporary ring set all her own.

I am always happy to discuss a jewellery project you may have in mind. Please feel free to contact me via email.

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