Wide forged ring with melted edge and bezel set scattered diamonds

Of the pieces I’ve made recently, this is one of my favorites. It was a piece commissioned by a client who had the idea of combining the features of several other pieces I had previously made. It incorporates a wide forged band with a melted rim, and scattered diamonds.

This ring is quite wide – about 14mm, and fairly heavy – over ½ an ounce of 20K gold. The 12 diamonds are high quality, Canadian mined, conflict-free stones. They are 2 mm in diameter, or 0.03 carats each. The diamonds are set randomly around the ring in bezels of pure 24k gold. I like the look of the 24k bezels because the difference in colour between the 20k and 24k gold helps to frame the stones and to give them an extra pop of richness. My client wanted a ring she could wear all the time which wouldn’t snag on anything; the bezel set diamonds accomplish this, and give the ring a contemporary look.

Melting the edge and letting the gold flow gives a random look to the piece which I like. It makes each ring one of a kind and impossible to exactly duplicate. For me, part of the appeal of this piece is the contrast between the lush use of high carat gold and diamonds, and the informal design, including the forged finish, the melted rims, and the bezel set stones.

I’m always glad to work with clients to design and fabricate jewellery specifically for them. If you would like to discuss a potential project, you can email me at leslie@fortymilegoldworkshop.ca.

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