Two heavy gold bracelets

These are two bracelets I made on commission for two different clients last summer. They are different styles but what they have in common is that both of them are very heavy – a luscious, extravagant use of gold.

The solid gold bangle is made of pure, 24K gold and weighs approximately 5.5 ounces. It is highly polished on the outside and had a satin finish on the inside. The corners are quite crisp, emphasizing the rectangular profile. It is 7 mm by 6 mm, slightly wider than it is thick. You might think that a bracelet this heavy would be uncomfortable to wear, but this not the case at all. For me, part of the appeal of this piece is its utter simplicity – it is all about the pure gold.

The second heavy bracelet was commissioned by a different client. Again, part of the objective with this piece is to showcase the gold itself. In this case the bracelet is made of 20k natural placer gold and weighs approximately 5 ounces. You sometimes see heavy chains made with hollow links – this one is solid gold. This style of chain is called a trace chain, otherwise known as a logging chain. I made the toggle clasp of the same 20k placer gold, suitable to the simple style of the chain. My client specified that the bracelet not be highly finished or polished, but rather left with tool marks on it and with a natural finish.

You can see the size of the individual links in the photo. The large and heavy links with just enough empty space in them to give good flexibility, give the chain its appealing massiveness. I like the contrast between the industrial scale and design of the chain and the natural beauty of the gold.

I’m always glad to work with clients to design and fabricate jewellery specifically for them. If you would like to discuss a potential project, you can email me.

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  • So glad to get your blog! I am still totally in love with my gold and sapphire ring we got this last summer. My best memory from our trip in the Yukon! You made the experience so special and daily I look at your creation and thank you, Leslie

  • Leslie,
    How nice to get your email and see your work. My wife gets many complements on the necklace and matching earrings we bought from you last summer.
    Your shop should be on every must do list for Dawson City

  • Leslie,
    So exciting to see your online presence.
    You are a gracious shopkeeper whose original creations and product production ethic reflect the genuine warmth of strong family ties to the land and territory. Thank you for selling me some beads and giving me a wonderful July 2015 memory. I smile inside and out when I think of you and your shop on the corner in Dawson City. You are equally welcoming to those of limited means and those with open budgets – thank you!
    I look forward to receiving your future blog updates and seeing your forthcoming golden treasures!

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